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Sponsor Sparkle 幫助閃亮小姐

  • netiCRM服務小型組織(年計) 2019-03-29 開始,Expiration date at 2022-03-28

Name: Sparkle
Gender: Female
Character: Intrepid, free spirit, energetic
Age when found: 3 years
Date found: 2017
Breed: Unique
Size: Medium
Description: Rescued from the streets, Sparkle is one of the most active dogs at the Sanctuary. As her name suggests, she is bright and lively, incredibly agile with tons of energy. She would make you run for hours without getting tired. She is curious and smart but with a free and independent spirit. Because of her high energy level, it would take longer to find her a forever home as she will need an adventurous partner that can keep up with her fast pace. Would you sponsor her?
說明:閃亮亮被救出街頭,是收容所裡最活躍的狗之一。 就像她的名字一樣,聰明開朗,充滿滿的活力。 她可以讓你不累的連續跑好幾個小時。 她好奇而機靈,而且有著有自由獨立的精神。 由於她精力充沛,要找到一個永久的家需要花更長的時間,因為她需要一個能冒險的伙伴來跟上她的步伐。 你願意贊助我們照顧她嗎?

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