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Name: Napawleon
Gender: Male
Character: Sweet and Gentle
Age when found: two years old
Date found: 2018
Breed: Lab mix
Size: Medium
Description: He was rescued two years ago lying alongside the street, having been hit by a car, and in extreme pain. A kind woman saw him, rescued him, and took him to her local vets in Taoyuan. She named him Jin Huang. He was in extreme pain during his first two weeks at the hospital, and the vets did not know if they should put him to sleep or try to save him. The rescuer, however, decided for them. She wanted to make every attempt possible and paid the expenses. Jin Huang recovered, although he was paralyzed from the waist down. For about two years, he lived at the vets, primarily because the woman who rescued him did not have time or the space to house him. But she generously continued to pay the approximate NT 8,000 each month for his support. Recently, though, Covid 19 severely affected the rescuer who could no longer afford to support Jin Huang, much as she and her friends love him. 

The vets in question are good friends with a PACK vet in Tienmu. Knowing that the PACK had a retirement home for the disabled, severely ill, or old dogs, they asked if we would be willing to take in Jin Huang so they would not need to euthanize him. And the answer was YES!!!!!

We’ve decided to give this beautiful boy a French name in honor of his first sponsor, the French Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan.

Napawleon is a great boy. Fairly large (a little smaller than a German Shepherd), golden brown, very friendly, and extremely intelligent. One of the first things we did was purchase a wheelchair so he could race around the yard. 

Would you help us taking care of this handsome boy?

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